Faith exceeded every expectation I had

I have bought and sold several million in property.  I am very selective and opinionated in what I want in an agent.  Faith exceeded every expectation I had.   She is on the ball and ahead of the game always.  Our deal was problem free thanks to her and she protected me in ways  I was yet to learn.    Easy going, professional and never “sells”.  She is pro and con with each option.   The rarest quality in an agent is listening.  Faith listens intently, thinks, asks follow up questions so she is clear and then follows through.  Others I have had start talking before I have explained my thinking and miss the point.   A true, low key, high action professional.  I am beyond pleased. Above the call of duty.   My highest regard goes out to Faith.   If you knew what a pain I was and how much I ask you would be amazed at this review.    Talk to her.  You will see.  Best wishes in your search.

— bobpdq